Dit is de plaats voor HAMMER-film fans. Alle posters van alle Hammer films verzameld op één site. Alfabetisch, maar ook te sorteren op jaar en genre. Bovendien vind je op de extra pagina's alle tijdschriften die iets met of van Hammer hebben, Nederlandse advertenties uit kranten en tijdschriften en nog veel meer.

This is the place for HAMMER filmfans to be. All the posters of all the movies are gathered on this site.
Ordered alphabettically, but also to order by year and genre.
Besides that you can find on the extra pages all the magazines, all the cancelled projects, advertisements from Dutch papers and much more.


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Anoniem zei

I did not know there were so many different posters made for this film. Impressing to see them all together lined up, with at the end the trailer as bonus. Good work.